Evolving report systems

Incident reports at school were super outdated and laying around for 6 or more months without any follow up. As a father of 2, working on this project was very dear to me and felt the need to create something special.

About the Draftit project

Draftit is a company that strives to guide and navigate organisations to the correct information regarding legal advice. Draftit provide multiple tools and solutions to help organisations answer all their legal questions and guides. Read more about them here.

UX challenges

When Draftit started in the mid 90’s, they provided legal advice to all their clients with paper documents. For about 10 years, Draftit have been digitalising and modernising this method to connect with their clients in much more smoother way. Creating and designing these tools was challenging since nothing similar within the company has been done before. As the sole UX/UI designer I had to do a lot of research and investigation on how Draftit was operating before modernising their tool set.


One of these tools is KB process. The main challenge (as previously mentioned) was adapting and modernising the incident reporting system of many schools, which is handled manually on paper. Cases could be shelved for up to 6 months due the manual process of every case, this excluding the process work from municipals and governments.

UX solutions

I needed to establish a clear and common goal with the product owners, developers and other stakeholders which was done with multiple workshops. After doing a lot of research and mockups, I created prototypes in order to validate the designs. The result was a much more efficient and effective way of handling reports and cases where every party could follow the process from start to end.