Designing product experience

We wanted to give the user a better experience when viewing a product of interest. To be able to give the user the best information about the product before deciding whether to buy it or not.

About the Thule project

Thule is about making it easy to live an active life. They are global market leaders in a number of product categories, including roof racks, roof boxes and bike racks that you use on the car, camera bags as well as multisport- and bicycle trailers. They are also growing rapidly in product categories like sports- and duffel bags, luggage and strollers.

UX challenges

Thule is very known for making products like roof racks and bike racks and rapidly growing in other categories like bags and strollers. One of the projects I started working on was designing a better information experience for the stroller products. Since Thule was offering a stroller that promotes an active life and sturdy build, we wanted to let the user to be able see and know about this. Without cluttering the product page, we wanted to effectively show the user the relevant information.

UX solutions

Depending on the type of stroller, we wanted to give the user the opportunity to view the product like it was live. We started off with some brainstorming sessions and created wireframes based on these sessions. This later led to different designs and prototypes. We ended building a 360° product viewer where the user could view every detail of the stroller and imagine how it would look like with a bike for example.