Trying out Adobe XD

29/04/2016By ChristopherGood news

So since the new Adobe XD (formally known as Project Comet), i’ve been willing to try it out. I usually use Sketch and Invision for this type of work, but Adobe have the muscles to do something really great with this. Stay tuned for more updates!

Gaming project and page

27/04/2016By ChristopherGood news

So if you notice in the menu where it says “Games – Coming soon”, I’ll will posting and uploading game related content on this page. It will be anything from games that I’m currently developing to basically anything game related. So please stay tuned or leave a message if you have any questions or comments!

Games and spiritual exp.

23/04/2016By ChristopherGood news

I found this beautiful story about a boy and his father that passed away. It started from a youtube comment about whether games could provide a spiritual experience. This is taken from esquire: “The son and father played a game called RalliSport Challenge, but after the father passed away, the son couldn’t bring himself to return to the … Read More

Updated portfolio

21/04/2016By ChristopherGood news

So I’ve updated my portfolio because my old one needed a makeover and an update. Mostly updated the work section and will probably add a video of me later. I will also add a gaming page, where I’ll talk about my upcoming game projects and everything game related. Exciting times ahead so let me know … Read More